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Below you will find parameters for companies seeking to join our incubator. We are very particular regarding the companies we choose to work with and what they offer. Primarily, we offer executive level experience in a variety of areas related to business and we have some very innovative fee structures to make it work for companies ranging from start up to established. While we are not a venture capital firm, although we do occasionally consider investing in companies as well.

We prefer companies with growth in mind and existing revenue. We also prefer working on a retainer plus equity basis using a performance model for our services. Each company we are interested in will receive a personalized proposal for our services after completion of an initiation form and at least one face-to-face meeting.

In terms of our partners investing in companies, each member does their own diligence and decides to invest on their own. What this means is that at times only a couple of us will invest, but we lean on the group to make decisions.

In general, we do NOT invest in projects within a company. For example, we would not invest in houses that are being built by a builder. We would rather have ownership in the company. Like most investors, we prefer equity over notes or loans. Lastly, we often walk away from deals where it is simply a transaction. This is because we feel we bring a wealth of experience to companies and we want to ensure that we can contribute in some manner that substantially improves prospects for success. If we haven’t lost you yet, here are a few other items we need.

Name *
Your value proposition
Your target market
Market size
The competitive landscape
How you're different.
Why is now the time for your idea
Your current go-to-market strategy
Metrics / revenue strategy

If we decide we're interested in working with you we'll be in touch. Here are a few things to consider before that happens:

  • Your ask from our team (Time/Money/Both)
  • The fee structure. We prefer a monthly retainer through the equity model
  • How long we'll be working together.
  • Who we'll be working with at your company.

Once we've reviewed everything we'll vote on your proposal.