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Matthew Rhoades


Matthew Rhoades has distinguished himself as one of the most accomplished and respected design minds in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to serving as a former Global Creative Director at Nike, Matthew has more than two decades of experience as a professional industrial designer, during which he acquired a long list of awards and honors, 40+ patents, 2 different products with a combined 6 world records, and multiple global design awards such as an IDEA Gold Metal, Newsweek “Product of the Year” for a Disney boom box design. And, his Trek Y-Bike was named “Third most influential mountain bike of all time.”

Prior to Nike, Matt worked at various global design studios such as VP of Design at Lifestyledesign, Design Director at Fox Racing, Digital Design Manager at Frog Design (SF), and a Senior Designer at Trek Bicycle.

His exceptionally creative experience transcends traditional industrial design products to include all types of projects ranging from digital, brand strategy, cutting edge innovation, new business strategy, and design excellence. A few of his projects include the design of the Napster 2.0 web site, Apple OS9 logo, and the design of the winning 2013 Isle of Mann Moto TT Zero all-electric motorcycle. While at Nike, Matt worked on the innovation of the Nike+ FuelBand and Apple running accessories.

In addition to holding a B.S in Product Design from the Art Center College of Design, Matt also received an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management / New Product Development from Marylhurst University, Oregon.

Mentorship and teaching have always played an important part in the creative process. For this reason, Matt has committed himself to nurturing and advising the next generation of designers. To this end, he has spent the past 16+ years as an Adjunct Faculty / Professor at ACCD (5 years), University of Oregon (7 years), and PENSOLE Academy of Footwear Design (4 years). In 2014, Matt founded a publishing company to produce DRAU Sketch Books, a series of footwear and automotive design sketch books intended to teach “sneakerheads” and car guys how to follow their dreams.

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Technologist
  • Brand Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Industrial Design


  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Mobility
  • Personal Transportation
  • Outdoor
  • Sporting Goods
  • Hard Goods
  • Soft Goods

Previous & Current Advisory & Board Positions

  • Pacific Northwest College of Art
  • Inside Fashion Design

Companies Founded by Matt

  • Mattelab