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Agora Ventures

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A business incubator bringing together experts from a variety of industries to help your ideas succeed in the marketplace.

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In Ancient Athens, the agora was a central gathering place where merchants unloaded ships carrying goods from throughout the known world. The bustling marketplace attracted artisans whose works beautified the city, philosophers whose wisdom enlightened the populace, and inventors and businessmen whose ideas fueled the dynamism that made Ancient Athens a model of enlightened democratic capitalism that made the nation and its people more prosperous and free. This basic philosophy is the foundation of our approach to business.

The five founders of Agora come from a diverse array of professions –clean energy, design, medicine, coaching, academics- but have all found success in business. Collectively, Agora’s founders are dedicated to helping businesses grow from idea to profitability. We are very selective regarding the companies we work with, and our preference is to identify and assist companies whose products and services meet high ethical standards or whose mission fall within particular areas that support important causes related to education, clean energy, veterans’ issues, wellness, the environment, or community vitality. Primarily we offer executive level experience in a variety of areas related to business and we have some very innovative fee structures that allow us to assist companies at all stages of development, from startup to established.